Iraq Parliament fails to vote on election law

20706-iraq_flag_new1.jpgIraq’s Parliament failed to vote on the provincial election law due to lack of quorum amidst mounting rows and people’s protests against the law mainly from Kurds. Iraqi Parliament speaker Mahmoud Al Mashhadani scheduled an exceptional session on Sunday to discuss anew the provincial law. Some politicians ruled out the possibility of deciding about the law in the coming session as rows between political parties have not been resolved yet.
While the third legislative quarter has ended without voting on the provincial law, politicians pointed out to the possibility of voting on the old draft law for disputed points are still unsettled.
In protest to the provincial election law, thousands of Kurds protested in Sulaymaniya as protestors held banners reading that the only way for peaceful coexistence between Iraqi people’s components is to implement the Constitution while other banners read “No to violating the Constitution. Yes to implementing Article 140”.