Iraq mourns victims of church attacks

34712-ap0907120115851.jpgAmidst intense denunciations to the new wave of violence targeting Christian religious sites, dozens of mourners held a funeral procession in Baghdad for two victims who were killed in a car bomb attack that targeted Virgin Mary Church two days ago.
Bishop Shlemon Warduni of Baghdad, an assistant to the head of the Catholic Chaldean church in Iraq carried out the memorial services while friends and relatives mourned their beloveds with sorrow.
“You see, you hear, all the people are together, we are brothers, you have seen maybe Muslims and Christians are together. We came to pray that our Lord live the eternal life for the Christian people. That the Lord give happiness for their families and consolations, and especially we pray that our Lord give peace and security for Iraq,” Warduni said.
Tragedy targeting Christians affects all Iraqis as well as the people regardless of their backgrounds rebuked attacks against Christians.
Unfortunately, Iraq known to be the cradle of Christianity in the East, is facing a forced fadeout of Christians as they decreased to 750,000 citizens due to sectarian violence and displacement.