Iraq Carries Its Bleeding Cross, When Resurrection Will Be?Christian Media in the Middle East Launching a Campaign in Solidarity with the Iraqi Christians

iraq.JPG in Our Lady of Lebanon-Harissa
More than 750 Christians were martyred because of betrayal in Iraq that is still bleeding carrying the Cross of the East, the cradle of Christianity. In front of this hard reality, the Episcopal Commission for Media , along with Tele Lumiere and Noursat, Radio Charity, Sat7, Ishtar, UCIP-Lebanon, called the Lebanese to stand in solidarity with the Iraqi Christians, decrying: Enough killing, torturing, displacing, persecuting and wiping out the Christians in Iraq!
 In a symposium “Iraq Carries Its Bleeding Cross, When Resurrection Will Be? organized by the Catholic Media Center and broadcast on Tele Lumiere within the framework of “Cases” program, Bishop Bechara Raï called everyone to participate in the day of solidarity on March 13th at Our Lady of Lebanon Basilica- Harissa from 9h30.a.m till 6h30 p.m.
 In the same symposium, the Syriac Catholic Patriarch Ignace Youssef III Younan mentioned deeply the Christians’ suffering in Mosul. “They became the scapegoats of groups with no good conscience, fighters for power, terrorists blinded by fanaticism and of politics’ viewers”. His Beatitude urged as well the Iraqis to have hope, and the international powers to defend the religious and civil rights of all people and categories of the society.
 As of the Chaldean leader in Lebanon Bishop Michel Kassarji, H.E. called the Christians in Lebanon to support the displaced Iraqis and seek to bring back light to our East asking the Muslims “about their viewpoints regarding the criminal radicalism?”
The Iraqi Ambassador to Lebanon Omar Berzinji invited the Iraqi government to attach great importance to the current situation preceding the elections. All Iraqis should be represented and their protection is a must.
 The President of the Syriac League and the General Secretary of the Lebanese Christian Federation of Leagues Habib Ephram stressed in his speech “Who is responsible?” on the challenges faced by the Arab and Muslim World, believing in the belonging to the land, unity and never neglecting this matter until reaching a solution
 Finally, the Director of the Catholic Center Fr. Abdo Abou Kasam affirmed that the Christian oral, written and audio-visual Media are making major efforts to serve all human, social and religious dimensions of this case.
Then, Rev. praised the role of Tele Lumiere that consecrates hours to broadcast the Iraqi case in exclusive programs, interviews, spots, video clips showing the bitter pains of our beloved country Iraq.

This long day was preceded by the meeting of the Catholic Mass Media including Tele Lumiere, the Voice of Charity, International Catholic Union of Press in Lebanon, Catholic Media Center, to discuss the efficient ways to activate this campaign

It is important to mention that a team from Tele Lumiere headed by Director Laura Naanouh, spent about 2 months in Iraq filming the reality of Christians there, their Churches, martyrs, challenges and testimonies.

The team visited Ninawa on the frontlines of Mosul, al Namroud, North Kurdestan, and many other regions, where Christians suffer from terror, bombs, kidnapping, mass murders, and other kinds of persecutions.
Meetings and interviews were filmed with families who lost their beloved, and dared to speak for the first time, telling their stories to the world, other powerful testimonies came from several priests and Bishops who were kidnapped and got away miraculously, in addition to that the crew filmed religious concerts, masses, documentaries and clips, showing to the world the struggle of this people and his strong faith.
More will come in a detailed report.

( attached is the poster of the campaign )
Marie-Therese Kreidy
Tel Lumiere-Noursat Programs Director