IRAC demands for compensation for emigrants of 1976

The human rights organization IRAC from United States in co-operation with one of the big organizations specialized in international law is formulating a legal file to compensate the emigrants from Christian villages.
The concerned villages are on the Iraqi-Turkish border where citizens were migrants on 1976 causing dispersion and lost in different places of Iraq and worldwide, suffering from financial and psychological matters, loss of properties and both agriculture and animal products.
Those migrants and inheritors can contact the office of IRAC via the e-mail mentioned below, indicating their origin places and losses.
On its side the organization will send an application form to be submitted by the petitioner, then will be add to the general file of the issue.
The legal organization will trial the Iraqi government for compensation, will not get any taxes and legal fees till the end of the compensation.
It is necessary to contact the concerned organization before closing the general file of the issue.