statement of Assyrian political, cultural and social institutions about Sayfo

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that have been committed against them a hundred years ago by the Ottoman authorities, in alliance with the vast majority of Kurdish tribes during World War I from 1914 to 1918. At these days from every year remember the Assyrians, Armenians and Greece through their political, religious, cultural and social institutions, the martyrs who gave their lives in order to defente their national identity and Christian faith, and claimed the lives of about three million martyrs.
These massacres were planned for years before the outbreak of the First World War by the ottoman Union and Progress Party . And the start of military operations has granted the right opportunity to take the decision to implement the pre-drawn plan to end the national and religious existence of allthe non-muslim nationalities within Ottoman Empire. While Germany presented all kinds of financial, military and political support to the Ottoman authorities to exterminate these people.
The history of genocidal massacres of the Assyrian people extends to long centuries, and martyrs wrote the history with their blood in order to save their nation. These martyrs are symbols of the nation’sconscious Conscience, that gives us the resilience and the strength of challenge in order to survive our national existence on the land of our forefathers.
The tragedy of our people are still going on for hundreds of years of genocidal massacres committed against our people even today in Iraq, Syria, and in general against Christians in all the Middle East countries. And that the people who showed great capabilities through its long history of the self-re-healing, has suffered by the treachery of the invaders and powers of the ruling governments. And he could survive through clinging to the affiliation to his roots and authenticity of national identity and to their historic land of Assyria, in order to save our structure of total annihilation, and especially in light of international, regional, internal complications, barbaric terrorist attack and tyranny to the Assyrians.
Sons of our great nation!
The massacres of ethnic genocide in situations of war and peace are a crime against humanity and contrary to international treaties and documents issued by the United Nations since 1948, and all subsequent documents in this regard, according to international conventions. Based on the definition of the crime of ethnic genocide, what was carried out mass murder Burberry is a crime against humanity, punishable under international law, those who committed these massacres, whether they are individuals or groups or governing authorities and states, and these crimes do not die with time limitations.
We have been victims to many massacres and recall, for example, Semele in Iraq in 1933, These massacres were committed by ethnic and religious hatredsand based on chauvinistic politics, racial discrimination and intolerance that have been carried out by the Ottoman authorities and its allies against Christians generally and against the Assyrian people in order to eliminate his identity and his unique national allegiance and to finish his being on his historic home in Mesopotamia .We call the five permanent members of the Security Council, that sponsor peace, security, human rights and freedom, to recognize these massacres and to fulfill their obligations to the international law and international conventions, and that the world also break his shameful silence towards the Assyrians in Syria and Iraq, Assyrian cradle of civilization, and to defend this people against the enemies of humanity, freedom and civilization, who are destroying human, stone, culture, overflowing with national and religious racism, who are aiming at the abolition of the Assyrians as a national entity in their home and on the land of Assyria.
We demand that the turkish state as the rightful heir to the Ottoman Empire who took the decision of genocide, the recognition of the massacres of ethnic and collective cleansing that have been committed between the years 1914 and 1918 and 1923 as well as the kurdish political organizations without exception to apologize and recognize what has been committed by their parents and grandparents of collective massacres of genocide against our people in the same historical era, motivated by nationalist and religious elements in order to control the land and property of the Assyrian people. And we demand as well as:
– The recognition of the national existence of the Assyrian constitutionally, as inherent people in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran.
– The recognition of the fact that the territory of Assyria as a national constitutional legal and historical right.
– The return of stolen property and land, and rebuilding the villages, towns and churches and monasteries that have been destroyed by the ruling authorities and religious nationalist fanatics and terrorist groups, in the above mentioned countriesimplicitly northern Iraq, the land of Assyria.
– Securing justice and equality between the various components of society, regardless of religious or national affiliation. .
– Ending the policy of racial discrimination against the Assyrians, and stoping the oppression, injustice and tyranny.
– Secure the return of the displaced sons of the Assyrian people to the historic residential areas and ensure their protection and the provision of conditions to common live in peace with the rest of the components of society. And to desist from imposing the imposition of a demographic change in the Assyrian housing areas.
We are the political, cultural and social institutions, the signatories to this statement assure our great nation Assyrian sons, despite all the terrible tragedies that we have experienced and still until this moment, we will continue our struggle until we achieve all our legitimate demands and goals in order to maintain our national being in our Home. And that we are doing everything we potential to, to end the suffering of our people and the national religious persecution and the deprivation of political and cultural rights.
We appeal all of our people across the institutions of political, cultural, religious, and its organizations, to work in all their whereabouts to convert the centennial anniversary of the massacres to a global event par excellence, a Day of Rage in protest against the massacres and address this subject in schools, universities, colleges, workplaces and in all aspects of life, and organizing events attractively to raise the attention of world public opinionand the peoples who we live with her to our suffering, as well as the media, as the solidarity of peoples of the world with our issue is very important, which put pressure on the shameful silence of governments and her lacking of recognition to the massacres committed against us. And we wish efforts consolidation and actualities intensify jointly. Let the centennial 2015 year be a collective action and political diplomatic work, throughout the year to highlight the issueof the massacres of our people and toand to introduce ourselves to the world public opinion, and to call for recognition. The blood of our forefathers, the blood of the martyrs of the slaughters belongs to our most important obligations.
In conclusion, it must be a word of thanks to the States of Armenia, Sweden, the Netherlands and some international non-governmental organizations and some provinces in some countries around world that recognized the massacres of our people and allowed the establishment of memorial monuments for the martyrs of massacres (Sipho). We also apeal again all countries all around world to follow these states and organizations, and it will be a progress step and ethical stance to end the massacres carried out against us, and to bring the perpetrators to the International Court of Justice to achieve justice.
All of glory to the Assyrian nation.
Glory and eternity to the martyrs of the Assyrian nation.
The assyrian year 20/01/6765
20/01/2015 AD
Political, cultural and social institutions,
The Signatories to the statement.
1- Assyria Liberation Party / FURKONO
2-Assyrian Genocide Institute
3-Assyrian Genocide International (Seyfo) Committee (AISC)
4- Assyrian Cultural Center. Latvia, Riga ,
5-Assyrian Public Organization “Bneta” Russia,Moscow
6-Assyrian Association of Switzerland
7 – Assyrian Institute . Sweden, Stockholm
8- Assyrische Verein der Schweiz, Wängi Schweiz,
9- Deutscher Assyrischer Jugendund Kulturverein Idstein e.V, Germany
10- Vereniging van Assyriërs in België .
11 – Sozial-und Informationsdienst , der Assyrer . in der Schweiz.


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