In a response to the provocations and assaults of one of police officer against Baghdeeda citizens,

Dozens of angry young men protested in front of the Fathers priests’ residence place – Exclusive
Dozens of angry Baghdeeda young men protested on Thursday, 14th October 2010, in front of fathers’ priests’ residence place in Baghdeeda. The protest came as a result of the provocations and assaults carried out by one of the police officer (rank major) against the people of the region. The young men were received by father Andrews Habbash, who is responsible for Kara Kosh Parish, father Salem Attalla and father Boutros Kathie.
  At the beginning of the protest one of the young men read their demands to stop the provocations and assaults that conducted by Major Shamel, which stipulated the following:
1- Putting an end to all the provocations by this officer against the people of Baghdeeda.
2- Urgent investigation into all the claims raised by the people of the region against this officer and his guards.
3- Deported him from Baghdeeda.
4- Dismiss the above mentioned major from the police.

Then, a number of young men from Baghdeeda explained to the fathers’ priests some of the provocations that carried out by this officer and his abuses to many of the people in the region. After that, the fathers’ priests asked the young men to calm down, to be patients and directed them to resort to legal procedure to get their demands.