I beg you: Please let me give birth before hanging me

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The Book Back Cover Text 15 05 2018
This is a heartbreaking story of an Iraqi family, a short history of Mesopotamia and the Wahabi-Salafi terrorism. 

God does not authorise any person to kill another person  as the Wahabist and Salafist Muslims have done since the 18th century simply because that person was accused of being an infidel.

Anyone who has killed, (or is planning to kill) in the name of a Wahabi-Salafi terrorist organisation has strayed from the spirit and doctrine of Islam, no matter whether the victim was a Muslim, Christian, Jew or a non-believer.

Any reward or punishment must be left to God, who created all humanity.

The book includes a call to ban and abolish the Wahabi-Salafi Islamic terrorist teachings and shows that Quran verses do not allow terrorism. It is a must read for everyone, including journalists and politicians, who are interested in the history of Iraq and peaceful Islam..

TuAma Al-Saadi