I am in Aleppo!

Media has spread out the news that AlSyrian Quarters has been attacked and bombed, and these are essential parts of my diocese. I was disturbed and thought this is the right time to be with my people in Aleppo I know it is dangerous and so difficult but still this is one of the duties of a pastor to think about.
I thank all those who wrote message of consolation and solidarity for our current impasse in Syria. Sorry for the delay in my response, electronic communications became intermittent and difficult.
The shortage of electricity, water, bread, gas, gasoline and car fuel, in addition to the paralyses of the markets and unemployment were the privileges and products of the Arab Spring in Syria!
The lack of security and chaos coupled with encroaches on life and properties soon to become the order of the day.
The widespread of unprecedented phenomenon in Syria today is the kidnapping of people in day light, the lucky among them those whose kidnapers would negotiate a considerable ransom for their release alive or dead, required or killed and we have cases.
Furthermore, road block set by bandits on all Syrian highways, rendered travel between cities a great risk and created a state of horrors, revulsion and uncertainty.
We no longer can enjoy our peaceful co-existence the once we use to be proud of.
I managed mercilessly to leave Aleppo to participate in the prayer for World Peace in the Summit of Representatives of World Religions at Enryakuji temple on Mount Hiei, Kyoto in Japan between 3-4 August.
I felt that contrary to the Japanese governmental line on the Syrian crisis, the peace loving people of Japan are standing with the right and justice of the people in Syria. Many were moved to learn from my paper, in which I explain briefly the current situation in Syrian (enclosed).

I was touched with the level of support and personal consolation that I received, and the concern about the bloodletting in Syria and tall of martyrdom which is now in excess of 30.000 in addition to more than 200.000 injured and in desperate situation, aswell as thousands of displaced families and refugees.
A this juncture, we cannot see the light at the end of our predicament tunnel, after all this detraction and mayhem we still hear that ”The Battle for Aleppo” with untold consequences is yet to start.
Needless to say, I am very sad, worried and afraid for what had happened to my country Syria during the last year and a half. We are at the end of our tether. But never abundant hope that a peaceful solution will be found.

I would invite you to share with me fervent prayers for a peaceful out come to the Syrian crisis, for security, safety and stability. Syria of the future will be as it was a place for all Syrians regardless of their religious, cultural, linguistic or ethnic backgrounds.

Thank you and all peace-makers who prayed for Syria and its people.
May the Lord bless you and your efforts.

Mar Gregorios
Metropolitan of Aleppo

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