Hundreds of Iraqis gathered in Stockholm to condemn violence against minorities in Iraq – Stockholm – Janan Khwaga

By initiative and cooperation of more than 30 organizations and Iraqi civil society organizations representing all the shades of Iraqi people, gathered on Saturday afternoon, the 17th of October 2009, in the large courtyard Serglstorg at the central of the Swedish capital Stockholm, several hundred Iraqis from all ethnic groups, religions, creeds, in solidarity with the components of Iraq (minorities) against the killing on the identity, kidnapping, discrimination, margination and displacement.
  Despite the harshness of the atmosphere and coolness of permafrost, several hundreds of our people, from Caldean Syriac Assyrian, Shabak, Yezidis, Turkmen and Filini, Arabs and Kurds, were participated. The crowds lined up repeating loudly the Iraqi national anthem (My home, Maoteny) with the artist Jalal Jamal.
  The organizers designed to incite public opinion, of Swedish public and official, to stand with Iraq and condemn the terrorist operations that exposed Iraqis in their own country, especially minorities. The organizers of the rally delivered “a memo” (note) to the Iraqi Authorities and Swedish foreign ministry calling for the Iraqi government to provide security and responsibility to provide safe and stable life for all Iraqi people without discrimination.
  Large number of Swedish Parliamentarians and officials participated in the assembly and made speeches which expressed their solidarity with the difficult conditions experienced by Iraqis in their own country, especially the minorities who are the most threatening and the most vulnerable.
  The assembly brought the attention of the Swedish media and the event was covered by the widespread newspaper Dax Nyheter, television and radio, in addition to the presence of many satellite channels, such as, Ishtar, Suroyo, Al-Faiha, Al-Rasheed and others.