Hundreds of Friends and Family Attend Funeral for Gabrielle and Alexander Mansour

Posted by Julianne Pitcher
Gabrielle and Alexander were laid to rest today with hundreds of family and friends attending the funeral at noon.
A funeral was held at Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church in Southfield today, honoring the lives of 6-year-old Gabrielle and 11-year-old Alexander Mansour.

The children died earlier this week as the result of a boating accident.
The church’s parking lot and surrounding neighborhood streets were filled with cars of those who came to support and pray with the Mansour family at the funeral. The church secretary estimated that there were more than 1,000 people in attendance, so many that the church set up overflow in separate room, where people could watch a live feed of the ceremony.

As the family members entered the church wearing pins with Gabrielle and Alexander’s photos, the congregation stood and sang in prayer, while two small caskets were placed in front of the alter. A white casket sat beside a brown and gold casket at the front of the church.

The ceremony was led by Father Andrew Seba, who discussed the “one, beautiful good” that this tragedy has caused: Doctors were able to donate four of Gabrielle’s organs, saving the lives of four children.

“Gabrielle always loved making people laugh and smile, and she will always be able to continue to do so through the lives of these children,” Seba said,

Seba also reminded family and friends that God has used both Gabrielle and Alex as instruments of grace and mercy, bringing so many people together to pray and show their love for the Mansour family.

The offertory song chosen was “Amazing Grace,” followed by the communion song, “On Eagle’s Wings.”

After communion, both caskets were blessed with holy water and incense before they were taken to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery at 10 Mile and Beech Rd.

The community continues to show support for the Mansour family, remembering Gabrielle and Alexander, while praying for 10-year-old Adriana’s recovery.