Hundreds of Christian Fighters Battle to Defend Biblical Syrian Town From ISIS

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Hundreds of Christian fighters from across Syria have united to defend a biblical Syrian Christian town from being conquered by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant terrorist organization, the head of the Syriac Orthodox church has said.
Displaced Assyrians outside the Assyrian Church in al-Hasaka city.As ISIL militants continue to push west toward the Syrian capital of Damascus, they began an offensive in the ancient Assyrian heartlands on Oct. 31.

Although ISIL has already captured the town of Maheen, Christians are coming from all over the country to prevent ISIL from conquering the town of Sadad, which lies about 4 miles from Maheen.

Sadad, which is referred to in the book of Numbers and the book of Ezekiel as “Zedad,” is seen as a strategic town that lies on a highway that connects Damascus and the town of Homs. …

While many Syriac fighters have come from Damascus and towns throughout the Homs province, other fighters have come from as far as Qamishli, a town near the Turkish border that is about an eight-hour drive from Sadad.

“People from all over Syria have arrived to fight for Sadad,” one unnamed Christian fighter told Newsweek. “It is a symbolic place for us and we will not allow it to fall again.”