Human outlook on Iraqi Christian displaced

uciplib.gifAfter preparations that took months, Lebanon hosted the sixth Christian media exhibition entitled media and education challenges under the patronage of International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP). Among the exhibition wings, a dedication to the suffering of Iraqi Christian displaced where photographic images spelled out the despair and anguish of Iraqi refugees. The exhibition entitled “From Iraq to Lebanon, unified cross, unified agony”, has relayed through a photographic display, the civilization of Euphrates country that was once the cradle of Christianity.
This exhibition sets the sights of youth on the human outlook of displaced that is mostly overlooked by world and local media, given that proper Christian education helps young people deal with weaknesses in their environment, in view of helping whoever’s in need.
A documentary displayed in the exhibition puts forth the suffering of Iraqi Christians subject to threats and eviction out of their homes and exposes the different explosions that targeted a number of churches in Baghdad and Mosul.
The exhibition’s title “From Iraq to Lebanon, unified cross, unified agony” is a genuine call for all Iraqis to unite upon Jesus’ quote “Shall all be one”.