Hezbollah delegation visits Chaldean Patriarch

0805Iraq_Patriarch-Louis-Raphael-I-Sako-of-BaghdadA delegation of Hezbollah politburo on Thursday visited the Chaldean Patriarch Louis Rouphael Sako I, “to voice full solidarity with the Christians of Iraq and rejection of all forms of displacement and practices that do not comply with the values and instructions of Islam.”

“We must all stand against this takfiri climate that seeks to eliminate the humanitarian and religious pluralism in the East and to rule through carnage and terror,” the delegation, comprised of Ghaleb Abu Zeinab and Mustafa Hajj Ali, indicated during the meeting.

“We must rely on ourselves first, because the indifference of the international community and pushing people to migration are just another face to sap diversity in the region,” the delegation added.
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