Harder will listen to Assyrian community, Denham hasn’t

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Harder a voice for the Assyrians
Josh Harder is the advocate for the Assyrian community that Jeff Denham simply is not. Josh listens to, addresses the concerns of, and demonstrates clear knowledge of the issues that are of utmost importance to Assyrians. At the Aug. 21st Assyrian Town Hall in Turlock, Josh answered every question asked by the attendees. Each answer demonstrated his fundamental knowledge of the issues and offered a well-thought-out solution for each concern.

By contrast, Jeff Denham, who has not held any kind of face-to-face town hall since last April in Denair, has been tokenizing Assyrians, using the community for photo-ops, introducing bills he well knows will never leave committee, and attempting to garner as much free publicity as he can from a marginalized minority group for electoral purposes. As an advocate for Assyrians in the community, I strongly believe Josh Harder is the clear choice for Congress. He will bring a much-needed representation that will fill the void Denham has created. Josh has our ear. He needs our vote.

Traevor Carlton, Turlock
No more free pass for Trump

How important is the congressional race for our district? First, let me suggest the concerns important to us locally including health care, protecting social security, Medicare, jobs, education and immigration are also significant for our nation. Second, one role of congress is to provide the necessary checks and balances needed to preserve our democracy by overseeing the executive branch. Our president is out of control and the Republican controlled congress does nothing to restrain him.

Our representative in the 10th District has given the president a pass.

This November we in the 10th District have an opportunity to act locally to help influence our nation as a whole. Your vote can insure the persistence of a free society. The defense of our democracy is in our hands, one vote at a time. My vote goes to Josh Harder.

John Stephen Thomas, Modesto
Did Denham really blame China? Yep

For those confused about Jeff Denham’s positions on issues such as immigration, and who are thus experiencing difficulty on how to vote in November, there’s an easier route to clarity. If it is clear to you that Russian meddling is a serious concern and that Donald Trump has obfuscated by blaming other countries and individuals, know that Jeff Denham has done exactly the same thing when he recently accused China of meddling in our elections “quite a bit.”

After considerable research, Politifact has twice found this claim to be false! Denham is part of Trump’s supply chain, his support system and will further block our ability to stop Russian malfeasance. There are plenty of other reasons to vote for Josh Harder in November, but putting an end to Russian election meddling and holding those Americans who might have been complicit responsible is something Harder takes seriously. Changing the majority in the House of Representatives is a much-needed counterbalance to the Trump presidency.

Steve Pierce, Turlock
Telephony town halls don’t work

I have been a registered Republican since 1974. At the moment, I am very concerned about our representative in Congressional District 10, Jeff Denham. On occasion, and with very little notice, I get a telephone call from his office informing me he will be having a phone town hall for his constituents. Then the message tells me to call a number in order to participate. I find this process very annoying. I would much prefer he appear in person at a live town-hall meeting to discuss his agenda and to take live, uncensored questions from constituents.

I don’t know why he’s afraid to face the people he represents. Is it because he continues to vote for bills that hurt the people of his district? Or maybe, he does not want them to know he continues to support the actions of a divisive and corrupt president. What we want is someone who will truly represent the people of District 10.

Joseph Lima, Modesto
Drown capitol’s swamp monsters

Recently, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke visited our state to give advice on how to better manage our precious natural resources, water and forests. I have a hard time taking any of his recommendations seriously since he is one of the ever growing swamp creatures multiplying in the muck of Washington, D.C.

For example, on Zinke’s advisory board at Interior, making suggestions for the management of federal lands, is the president of Western Energy Alliance, Kathleen Sgamma. She represents 300 oil and gas companies pushing for looser regulations; she’s advising Zinke on how to manage federal lands for fossil-fuel development.

In the meantime, Zinke has other staff members working on proposals to roll back Obama regulations on offshore oil drilling and regulations controlling methane gas. He is working hard to allow coal mining on public land and fracking for oil.

We suffered through Scott Pruitt’s EPA spending sprees, Tom Price’s $60,000 jet-set escapades at Health and Human Services, Ben Carson’s $31,000 dining room sets at Housing and Urban Development, and Paul Manafort’s tax evasion, fraud, etc. We can add to the mess Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) who once sat on the House Ethics Committee but who refused to investigate complaints. My solution? Vote!

Jane Hardin, Modesto
Blame Democrats for water grab

The Modesto Bee is leading a fight against the Water Resources Control Board attempt to steal valley water (multiple articles and editorials). I can barely keep from laughing.

Who appointed the members of the WRCB? Democrats! Who runs California state government? Democrats! Who does The Modesto Bee almost always recommend you vote for? Democrats! If this situation wasn’t so tragic it really would be funny.

Now I see that the WRCB has delayed their final vote on the water grab until Nov. 8, two days after the election. The political calculus is obvious: bury this issue until after the election, no more hearings, no more meetings, no more big public demonstrations, and probably not much more noise from The Modesto Bee. After all, this might endanger Democrats!

I don’t care if you vote for Republicans or Independents or write in someone or just don’t vote, but if you live in the Valley you have to be certifiably insane to vote for a Democrat.

Douglas N. Brower, Ballico

Editor’s note: The State Water Resources Control Board will vote on its flow objectives for the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers at a Nov. 7 meeting.
Take two knees to pray for America

As a believer of God in Christ, I strongly believe that our nation, the United States of America, needs prayer. I do not need to list all the areas in which our nation needs prayer. Anyone can easily come up with a long one. If you have any belief at all in the efficacy of prayer, perhaps you might do the following:

The next time you are at a ball game where the National Anthem is played before the game starts, face the flag then kneel down in prayer. Either fold your hands or lift them up so that there is no misunderstanding of what you are doing. You will not be making a statement either for or against anyone else who kneels. You will simply be taking a few moments to kneel in prayer for our nation. You can be in prayer for whatever needs are in your heart.

Elton Nelson, Turlock
Prayer, forgiveness needed for church

As a Catholic, I was raised to know that Jesus died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven. Since my first communion, I have gone to the church to ask Christ to forgive me of my sins. Though my sins may have not have been as horrendous as some, they were still sins.

My question to those of faith: Will you forgive those who are the leaders not just of the Catholic Church but also the leaders of all churches who are just like myself, a human, a sinner? For many, there is a difference between church and faith. I will follow my faith and continue to do my best to forgive those who have trespassed against me, no matter the pain they may have caused.

As for the Church, I’ll always go to any and all churches at any given time to worship because I follow Christ, and Christ, as you know, loved the Church.

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