Hammurabi Organisation for Human Rights: Year 2010 was hardest on Christians in Iraq

By: Mohammed Ibn Laith Monday
The Hammurabi Organisation for Human Rights revealed today that the year 2010 was the worst for the people of the Christian community in Irak, and that in response to the continuation of the direct targeting of them they increased their migration out of Irak.

Last year was worse than previous years due to the increased targeting of Christians of all denominations in all parts of the country but especially in Baghdad and Mosul.

During the year 92 Christians were murdered and another 280 wounded. Additionally there was the bombing of two churches in Baghdad and the kidnapping of two girl chlidren one in Baghdad and one in Mosul. Furthermore many Christian families received letters threatening their liquidation.

In response to this persecution more than 1800 Christian families have been forced to flee their homes to different parts of the Nineveh Plain. More than 1700 students no longer dare attend their study and 300 state employees have abandoned their posts in response to threats of death.

Mohammed Ibn Laith