Greetings from the wounded city of Aleppo.

Dear friends,
Greetings from the wounded city of Aleppo.
I feel sorry I could not write to you all this time. The reason was because all kinds of internet services were
off. Still, this service is not always available.
I sent a letter to His Grace Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, as well as a letter to
His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI , Pope of Rome with three wishes.
I would like to share these letters with you for your information with what is going on in Syria.
Still, we feel we are weak and we need your prayers. The situation in Syria and in Aleppo is
getting worse and worse every day. Nobody may predict or say a word of the future.
This afternoon, I presided a funeral of a Syrian Orthodox doctor of medicine, who was killed while
working with wounded people in Aleppo.
I ask for your prayers and for the prayers of all our friends everywhere.
Mar Gregorios of Aleppo