George Mansour receives an “Excellence in Community Leadership and Dedicated Service Award”

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The award was presented at a ceremony in Windsor, Ontario honouring the first anniversary of the Iraqi Canadian Group Organization. A number of Canadian dignitaries, including members of regional and federal parliaments, businesspeople, scholars, artists, activists, and other personalities, were present for the occasion.
The ceremony commenced with the Canadian and Iraqi national anthems and a speech by Sama Najjar. This was followed by the organization’s executive director, Khassan Saka, who addressed the audience with a welcoming speech and thanked them for their support of the organization’s work. He then announced the selection of the President of the Iraqi Society of Human Rights – Canada (ISHR-Canada) for the leadership award, which was presented to him for his outstanding role in the field of human rights and his attempts to build bridges between Canada and Iraq.
Following this, MPP (Chatham- Kent- Essex) Rick Nicholls delivered a speech and congratulated the honoree, George Mansour. He presented the “official progressive conservative friend of the Iraqi- Canadians in Ontario” certificate to Mansour for his “Excellence in Community Leadership and Dedicated Public Service”.
In his speech, Mansour congratulated the Iraqi Canadian Organization Group on its first anniversary and offered his gratitude and appreciation in receiving the award. He stated that the honour was not a personal one, but a show of appreciation to all ISHR- Canada volunteers working in Canada and Iraq.
Further congratulations to the honoree George Mansour came from:
Patrick Brown (Ontario PC Party), who said in his letter, “I would like to congratulate honoree Mr. George Mansour, President of the Iraqi Society of Human Rights in Canada (former Minister in Kurdistan/ Iraq 2006- 2010), in recognition of his excellence in community leadership and dedicated public service.”
Joseph J. Comartin, MP (Windsor Tecumseh), who wrote, “I regret that I am unable to be with you in person this evening; however rest assured that I will be with your spirit.” He added that “Both Mr. Mansour and your organization [ISHR-Canada] are in the forefront of promoting human rights within Canada and throughout the world.”
Brian Masse MP, who said, “It is with great pleasure that I extend my sincere congratulations this evening as you celebrate the significant achievements and community leadership of Mr. George Mansour, president of the Iraqi Society of Human Rights- Canada. Mr. Mansour has shown dedication to public service to promote human rights in the Kurdistan region and across Iraq.”
Percy Hatfield MPP, who said, “You have chosen to honour George Mansour this evening. Mr. Mansour is also a former broadcast journalist and politician, now serving as President of the Iraqi Society of Human Rights in Canada. How fitting is that!”
Drew Dilkens DBA Mayor for the city of Windsor, who said, “I want to congratulate George Mansour as you honour him for his work as president of the Iraqi Society of Human Rights in Canada. His leadership, his many community contributions and his extensive public service are well-known and greatly appreciated.”
Howar Ziad, Former Ambassador of Iraq to Canada and Former Dean of Arab League Ambassadors to Canada, who said “It is fitting that in marking this event you are also honoring a distinguished Canadian- Iraqi personality such as Mr. George Mansour who has a proven record of tirelessly working for the advancement of human rights. “