Funeral and burial ceremony for the clergyman Yousif Adel Aboudi

Fadi Kamal Yousif / – Baghdad
The funeral and burial ceremony of the clergyman Yousif Adel Aboudi was held today Sunday 6/4/2008 from his house in Hay Al-Wahda area to Saint Peter and Polaus Cathedral for Syrian Orthodox .
The commemorative ceremony was attended by the deceased family and a large number of faithful people who took the last look.
The funeral prayer was held by Saint Seyorious Hawa, head of Syrian Orthodox church of Baghdad and Basrah, with the participation of the Chaldean Patriarch Emanouel Delli III , Archbishop Avak Asadoorian of Armenian Orthodox church in Baghdad , Apostolic ambassador of Baghdad , Archbishop Metti Shaba Metooka of Syrian Catholic church in Baghdad , Chaldean Patriarch assistant Anderas Abouna and a large number of clerics and monks.
The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Abdullah Hermiz Alnofaly head of Christian Awkaf and other religious among representatives of political parties in Baghdad.
Commemorative speeches recites by Saint Seyorious Hawa, Avak Asadoorian of Middle East churches community, Mar Zekka Aiwas Patriarch of Antakya of Syrian Orthodox.
The deceased was buried inside Saint Peter and Polaus church.