Full Disclosure: Last year’s rooster crowing predictions

by Michael A. DeVine, Charlotte Law & Civil Rights Examiner

 Below are my predictions for 2008 made on New Year’s Eve, 2007 at several websites where I have posted for years as “Gamecock”.

Incredibly, my “Cockstradamus” alter ego was wrong on some predictions (right on more!), and I will address those specifically later this week before I post my predictions for 2009, with special emphasis this year on law and civil rights rooster crowings in Charlotte.

2008 predictions of Mike DeVine, aka Gamecock aka Cockstradamus:

1 – Southerners and Christians (including Catholics and Evangelicals) astound the Left by failing to establish the first theocratic “impose our views” State in the United States. Instead, judges in Massachusetts establish a Secular Darwinist, Man-Made Global Warming Church theocracy in the Bay State, joining the non-Christian theocratic City-State in San Francisco. Christians whose churches were invaded and taken over for group orgies with Mayoral consent in the city by the Bay are welcomed with open arms by the ecumenical Muslim-Chaldean coalition in Baghdad.

2 – Pakistan fails to devolve into anarchy.

3 – The Taliban fails to take over Afghanistan.

4 – The MSM fails to report the above and continues to refuse to report the late 2007 US victory over al Qaeda in Iraq.

5 – Chelsea Clinton continues press blackout of nine year old reporters from Scholastic America and expands same to include ten-year olds from Nickelodeon.

6 – Bill Clinton finally utters Hillary’s name at a campaign stop in Chicago on February 4, 2008; loses his voice and suffers a myocardial infarction soon thereafter; is hospitalized at University of Chicago Medical Center; and is served with summons charging him with the crime of bigamy and assault and battery with a stogie by a Nurse Ratched.

7 – Colts defeat Redskins in Super Bowl.

8 – LSU defeats Ohio State for mythical BCS college football championship. Refuses Appalachian State challenge.

9 – Lakers defeat Celtics for NBA championship.

10 – Neither Huckabee nor McCain will win SC GOP primary.

11 – Obama wins Democratic Party nomination.

12 – Obama loses election to the GOP nominee.

13 – Mike Gamecock DeVine is vilified for refusing to predict who the GOP nominee, and next President of the United States, will be.

14 – Neither Huckabee nor McCain will be referred to as President-elect during 2008.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson