From California ~ A Story of Courage and Hope

ams-from-california-a-story-of-courage-and-hope.JPGMeet Danny, 16, and Michael, 9, Peera, two brothers who have designed flyers that they’ve placed on recyclable cans and bottles at neighbors’ doors with a message that says “We Will Redeem These Cans and Bottles for Cash,” in an effort to raise money to help needy Assyrian children in Northern Iraq.

They also offered a little incentive to pick up the cans and bottles from the neighborhood, and deliver them to their grandmother’s house in Modesto, where she was able to help the boys convert their goods into cash, by driving them to a nearby recycling center. Danny and Michael’s project collected a total of $200.

This encouraging story was offered by Danny and Michael’s mother, Alberta. Congratulations Danny and Michael on your benevolent efforts, grandma for helping the boys, and to Alberta for raising such wonderful young men.

~ Helen Talia, MBA, CPA
Director, Chicago