Four terrorists convicted in Hilla

Four men accused of emplacing a roadside bomb along Highway 1 in Babil Feb. 7 were convicted to 15 years each in sentencing at Hilla courthouse Tuesday.
Various witness statements were provided during the trial by Iraqi Police and U.S. Forces involved in the capture of the four individuals. Numerous pieces of evidence were presented during the trial, including surveillance footage of the men at the site of the IED and during their subsequent attempt to evade capture by Iraqi Security Forces.
At Tuesday’s sentencing, Saad Ubayd Magbel, Faris Ubayd, Wahabl Hussayn, and Dhargham Hamid each received a 15 year jail sentence for their crimes.
U.S. Forces assisted Iraqi Police at checkpoints near the Hilla courthouse to protect the unarmed personnel inside from any potential terrorist attack.
“The results of yesterday’s trial clearly demonstrate that justice in Iraq is for all,” said Lt. Col. Gregg Athey, commander of U.S. Forces in Babil. “We are proud to have witnessed such a clear demonstration of this region’s intent to apply fair and swift justice in the protection of Iraqi citizens and guests of Iraq from terrorists and outlaw groups.”
Numerous other cases are currently pending in the courts that involve terrorist activity in Babil Province.