Four Day Selfie Museum in Paramus A Smashing Hit

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Contributor Athena Williams in the Selfie Museum Credits: Athena Williams Coleman.jpeg Chrisena Coleman beside an exhibit Paramus, NJ —This past week and through Saturday, a pop-up Selfie Museum was housed in Paramus, and drew hundreds of guests from across the state of New Jersey.

The mini-museum was housed in the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch at 55 West Midland Ave. in Paramus. The museum had more than 25 exhibits to choose from that are designed to make selfies come to life. Some of the Museum highlights included; Flashing LED Lights, Artwork of NFL Legends, Classic Movie Poster, Awesome Knick Knacks and a few ball pits filled with plastic balls. According to award-winning author and founder of this museum Chrisena Coleman, the focus of the museum is to create an environment where people can interact with exhibits in a way that’s never been experienced. Sign Up for E-News ?“I wanted to create a space where kids of all ages can have fun, and their parents can have fun too! Whether we know it or not, selfies are a big part of our culture moving forward, creating a museum that was made for selfies will be priceless in the near future,” said Coleman. While the museum was only open for four days, Coleman plans to open it up again for an extended run, likely in a venue in New York City.