Former Coptic candidate for the presidency calls Mohamed Morsi to step down

Samwel Alashay
Called Engineer Adel Fakhry Daniel former Coptic candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, an elected president to step down and leave his post as President of the Republic before 25 January next year to spare the blood of all Egyptians.

Daniel said that already face the same Neda to former President Hosni Mubarak to step down from office before Mubarak thus spare the blood of Egyptians security of the Egyptian people, his life and the lives of his sons. Daniel Morsi demanded that step down voluntarily for fear of entering the Egyptian people in confrontations with each other.

He added Daniel in a statement issued by his office, that the Muslim Brotherhood abandoned ideas of old and began offering itself secular and left the project Muslim Brotherhood and sold issues of Islam, and we saw evidence of that indulgence Brotherhood with Project Islamic Sukuk and stripped them described Islamic even exist in the street, and chose her spokesman without beards and speak in the vernacular and left the classical Arabic language which was spoken by the members of the group.

For his part, Samuel said Ashay founder of the partners for the home that the president-elect Mohamed Morsi to go and learn a lesson from his predecessor Mubarak that it is the people who always win.