Football game interrupted after violence

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The third division football game between Syrianska and Västerås had to be interupted last night after some supporters of Syrianska threw crackers at the away fans and also attacked their bus.

Syrianska is very near promotion to the second highest division, and was winning 1-0 when Västerås equalised in the 92:nd minute. The football federation will soon have a meeting about what consequences the Södertälje club will face.

Syrianska missed promotion last season after loosing several points as a consequence of the bahaviour of parts of their fans.

Assyriska is another Södertälje team with connection to the same ethnical group. Assyriska, is in the top of the second highest division and might now gain promotion for the second time. The first time they came up, in 2004, Assyrians in the whole world followed the team´s results, but they only stayed up for one year that time.

Tommie Ullman