First Assyrian Australian Convention in Australia organised for October long weekend

lomada_aus.jpgFirst Assyrian Australian Convention in Australia organised for October long weekend
The first Assyrian Australian Annual Convention will be held at the York Fairmont Resort in the Blue Mountains during the October Long weekend from 3 – 6 October 2008.
The convention, inspired by a group of Fairfield based friends, will be an opportunity for members of the Assyrian community to take part in four days of celebrations, entertainment and activities.
Committee member, Andy Isho, said the prospect of establishing an annual Assyrian Australian Convention of this quality had been a long-standing aspiration among the organising committee.
“As a committee we are extremely proud to launch the inaugural Assyrian Australian Convention,” says Mr Isho
“We have ensured there will be four days of continuous celebrations and entertainment with programs dedicated to social, educational and cultural activities.
“Guests may also choose to attend the many parties being hosted by renowned Assyrian recording artists or simply enjoy the fairground attractions located on grounds of the York Fairmont Resort.”
The convention will host cultural singers from the United States and Sydney, who will provide the entertainment.
There will also be an opportunity for Assyrian businesses to take part in a business expo.
Miss World Canada 2005, Ramona Amiri, will be a special guest judge in the Inaugural Miss Convention pageant. Miss Amiri placed top 12 in the 2005 Miss World contest and runner up in the Miss Universe Canada pageant.
“I encourage the entire Assyrian community within the Fairfield – Liverpool and Greater Sydney areas and especially our friends overseas to attend enjoy the carnival atmosphere, dance parties, cultural activities and the farewell picnic and concert organised to close the convention.”
“Depending on the success and outcome of the convention, and activities that follow, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the local Assyrian Churches; the Assyrian Church of the East and the Ancient Church of the East to assist with their work in helping needy Assyrians worldwide,” says Mr Isho
Bookings can be made via the website at . Savings are available via early bird registration if booking is made on or before 30 June 2008.
Mr Isho further stated that this Convention is organised by a stand alone organisation that has no affiliation with any other organisation.

Media enquiries only: Sophia Khouchaba 0419 482 066


Ramona Amiri

Miss World Canada 2005, is of Assyrian background from Canada. Recently placed first runner up in the Miss Universe Canada contest, will be hosting and judging the Inaugural Miss Assyrian Australian Convention. Miss Amiri will be made available for media interviews.

Assyrian Artworks

Life and Informative pieces of work showcased in a gallery style exhibition. Witness the innovative, passionate, unique, cultural and historical works on canvas, paintings and posters by Assyrian Artists in Australia.

Linda George

Linda George, born in Baghdad, is a true living picture of artistic beauty. This songstress will take your thoughts to another level. Her rhythmic, sultry voice will appeal to your soul, where art, poetry and beauty live.

Ashur Bet Sargis

Very first overseas singer to perform in Australia “King of Love Ballads” Poet, Singer and songwriter that manifests a passion for music and poetry “has found his place in the hearts of many Assyrians as their nationalistic voice of love and pride”

Sargon Gabriel

Arguably the True Superstar of the Assyrian Music Culture, acclaimed and revered world wide. His longevity and amazing vocal talent have entertained Assyrians of all ages over several decades. A gifted Assyrian that is well cemented in Assyrian Folklore Music History.