Farmers and land proprietors in Ankawa decided to forward to Kurdistan Parliament for solution

Keldo Oghna / / Exclusive
Farmers and land proprietors in Ankawa refused the resolution numbered 9315 on 22/8/2006 issued by the council of ministers in Kurdistan–Iraq stated compensation of lands seized by Erbil International airport by other lands far from Ankawa.
In a meeting held at Mar Oda agricultural community in Ankawa on 4/2/2008, farmers and land proprietors agreed to forward a memorandum to Kurdistan Parliament for a solution of a new law similar to cases in other districts.
In his meeting with the farmers in Ankawa ,the head of the community Ziad Sulayman assured that the compensation of lands do not form 1500 Donem of total 10000 donem used by Erbil International airport.
Ziad added “ we decided to refuse and stop the resolution, a reason we formed a specific committee to follow up the farmer rights and call for compensation to all”.