Falah and his brother Sabah Nisori Elka were murdered in Baghdad, the Karada District

Baghdad /Karada district
Unknown insurgents attacked, brutalized and murdered brothers Sabah and Salah Nori Abd-Alkarem Elka within their house, located in the Karada District of Baghdad. Mr. Falah passed away after being brutally kicked by the home invaders, while his brother, Sabah, was shot. The insurgents locked the house door and ran away.

Mr. Falah was a 52 year-old well-known pharmacist who managed the Alrababa Pharmacy in the Karada District. Mr. Sabah was a 55 year-old businessman who specialized in exports. Both men were the grandchildren of the well-known politician Abdul Karem Elka who served as the Finance Minister to Sheikh Mahmod Alhafedi in Sulaimanya.

Let mercy be upon them and comfort for their family