Exclusively for the site Details about targeting the University students Zaya Toma Soro and Ramsen Shamaeel

Ankawa.com. Mosul-Exclusive
In special and exclusive details to the site of “ankawa.com” about the incident of targeting the young victim Zaya Toma Soro and his relative Ramsen which occurred on Tuesday morning, the 16th of February 2010, a relative of the victim Soro said: Two people pretending they were members of the secret police blocked the path of the two students and open fire on them. He emphasized that Iraqi police forces were near the place of the incident, but they did not make any move to save the situation.
  Soro relative, who did not want to be named, said that Zaya Soro and his relative Ramsen Shamaeel left together at quarter to eight on Tuesday morning in their way from their place residency in Al-Araby neighborhood to the University of Mosul where they study at the University Colleges. They were walking across branch road that lead them to cross the main street where the bus stop heading to the University.
  The relative of the young victim continued, two men stopped Soro and Ramsen claiming that they belong to the secret police and asked them to show their identities. When Zaya and Ramsen try to show their identities, one of the two men suddenly surprised them by pulling an ordinary gun (without sound muffler) and hit Ramsen by two bullets, one hit him at his jaw and the other on the head, he fell on the ground, but, fortunately, the two bullets did not hit him directly. The relative of Soro continued, the same gunman fired a bullet on the back of Sore’s head to cause his death immediately.
  The source confirmed that they were a number of Iraqi police at a distance of few meters from the area of the incident, but they did not try to help Zaya and perhaps they could save his life.
  The relative of the victim said, the sound of the gunfire led to the gathering of families near the scene of the incident but they were unable to save Zaya Soro, while Ramsen was transfer to the hospital by his parents.