Exclusive report to the site of ankawa.com..The journalist Nury Kino reveals the details of the meeting between the Iraqi delegation and the Swedish government for issues concerning Iraqi asylum seekers

Ankawa.com –Nabeel Albazy – Sweden – Exclusive
The journalist Nury Kino, the prize winner for the best journalist in Europe, revealed in an exclusive report to the site of ankawa.com the detailed recent visit of the Iraqi delegation to Sweden. The delegation included representatives from various ministries and parties to the Swedish government. The delegation called for to stop deporting of Iraqis whose applications were rejected for asylum in Sweden.
Kino as he knew from the delegation, Iraq is unwilling to receive and protect Iraqis deported forcibly from Sweden, from time to time, because their lives will be at risk in Iraq.
He stressed that Swedish immigration service do not want to disclose the issues discussed with the Iraqi delegation. He quoted from the government spokesman, Hawk Gusting, in one of the e-mails, that the visit of foreign delegation to the immigration service itself is something unusual. He said the immigration service’s often visited by delegations from other countries in order to get answers concerning, for example, the Legislative Laws and their applications. He added, what was discussed in the meeting are issues related to foreign affairs.
Kino said that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) strongly criticized Sweden this week for forcibly deporting people to Iraq. He indicated that on the 15th of this month, in the same week where the meeting between the Iraqi and Swedish delegations took place, 20 Iraqis forcibly deported to Iraq on a Swedish independent aircraft. He also referred to the anger provoked by this deportation for many organizations who are considering the security situation in Iraq is extremely not good to deport Iraqis against their will. Kino added, on the same date a seminar was held in the Swedish Parliament under the title “Iraq outside the scope of the perspective of asylum”. The questions raised during the meeting were focused on the seriousness of the situation in Iraq and its danger on minority groups and other Iraqis, and how the Swedish immigration service assess Iraqi refugees issues and their need for protection. In addition, how the Swedish immigration service deal with the information given in the country.
Kino confirmed the attendance of Karoline Innes from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Baghdad, the former Iraqi Human Rights Minister Pascal Warda, official from Hammurabi Human Rights group and Chris Chapman from the society for voluntary defend the rights of minorities in London.
Kino also revealed that the letter addressed to the Swedish government was only one which concentrated on the fact, all conferees found for Iraqi refugees, in general, and Christians and other minorities, in particular, especially at the present time, may not be deported to Iraq and it’s not possible to deport any person under threat.
It should be mentioned that the site of ankawa.com requested a copy for the observations recorded in the meeting from the immigration authorities. However, the Swedish authorities raised an excuse for not providing such documents as they are confidentiality of foreign affairs. However, when they sent the documents to our site they removed most of the contents by black ink.
Kino also referred to what was published in the newspapers about the possibility of the visit made by the Iraqi delegation to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Stockholm.
The Iraqi delegation which included representatives from a number of ministries said in their meeting with the Swedish side, Iraqi government is giving the priority to stop migration and it is seeking to increase the security, but Iraq need more time and the country required building its security forces. So, during this time the forcibly deportation of Iraqis must be stop.
According to Kino, the spokesman to the media in the UNHCR said that the Iraqis who forcibly deported to Iraq will flee their country again.