Exclusive Interview: Suzanne Lossia is a modern day Renaissance woman

Suzanne Lossia is definitely one to watch this summer. The Chaldean American reality TV star, television personality, motivational speaker and model is making waves with the release of a new tell-all autobiography in June. She is also working with Shed Media and Seacrest/Julia Roberts run GMT Films to put a new reality show together that features the lives of Suzanne and her Chaldean friends. She is also working with the William Morris Agency to produce a screenplay about her life, challenges and ultimately her success in becoming independent. Her options are wide open in the entertainment field right now but don’t be surprised if you see Suzanne hosting her own talk show in the near future.

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A lesson in history
Suzanne was born in the United States to a very conservative Chaldean family. Little is known about the Chaldean American community due to their small population and penchant to keep to themselves. Chaldean Americans descended from an ancient group of people who inhabited the Tigris-Euphrates valley in what is now modern day Iraq and are defined by geography, religion and language. Although Chaldeans make up less than 10% of all Iraqis, they do make up a majority of Iraqis living in the United States with most living in and around Detroit. According to Suzanne, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 Chaldean Americans living in Detroit. Chaldeans differ from the majority of Iraqis in religion. Where most of the country practices Islam, Chaldeans are Roman Catholic. Another difference is that Chaldeans speak a dialect of Aramaic as well as Arabic.

Suzanne’s autobiography
Suzanne sparked national news with her story of growing up Chaldean in Detroit and having a marriage arranged for her before she had a chance to develop her own identity. Suzanne Lossia is the author of “The Arrangement,” her book that tells the story of growing up Chaldean in America where she was raised in a very strict household. Suzanne was the only girl in a house with three brothers. She was treated differently because in Chaldean culture, the women are treated different from the men. Marriages are typically arranged at an early age and women are expected to take care of their husband’s every need. They often take care of the household and children while men work and rely on their husband to have all of their needs met. “The Arrangement” tells Suzanne’s story and details her experiences and point of view as a member of one of the oldest and rarest ethnic groups living in the U.S. Suzanne Lossia’s book “The Arrangement” is available for pre-order on her website now and will be released on June 16.
Current and future television projects
Suzanne is currently working with Shed Media and GMT Films in hopes of creating a television show all her own. Having already gotten her feet wet with the filming of “Motor City Wives,” Suzanne’s real wish is to have her own talk show where she can showcase the talents of everyday people and use her influence to help others. She frequently makes appearances on Harvey Levin’s TMZ as a correspondent and can often be seen giving her opinion on current hot topics. There is also a movie in the works and Suzanne is currently working with the William Morris Agency to bring her story to the big screen.

Charity Work
Suzanne is making her mark through non-profit work. The Suzanne Lossia Charitable Fund is dedicated to assisting abused women overcome the obstacles that keep them in a bad situation and to build better lives for them and their children. Suzanne’s goal is to use her non-profit to enhance the lives of abused women and their children. She believes that bringing awareness to this cause can make an impact and help

Jewelry, clothing and cosmetics by Suzanne Lossia
Suzanne Lossia is a high energy woman with several projects including a beautiful jewelry line. Her handmade beaded bracelets are made from high quality materials and sparkle when the light hits the Swarovski crystals. Many styles are inspired by religious icons while others are nondescript. The entire line is very pretty and with so many options, there is something for every woman to love. As with all of Suzanne’s projects, part of the proceeds from her jewelry sales goes to the Suzzane Lossia Charitable Foundation. In addition to jewelry, Suzanne has a clothing line coming out this summer called Detroit Babe as well as Suzanne Lossia Cosmetics. Both the clothing and cosmetic lines are due for a July 2014 release and can all be purchased from her website