Exchange of experience and communicate

  A group of deputies assured on serious effort for the sake of activating and developing Iraqi national laws and legislations, in order to ensure women’s possession of their social and economical rights which are guaranteed by Iraqi constitution.

As a result of two round-table discussions held in Baghdad on the 18th of December 2011 and the 18th of January 2012 by Iraqi Al-Amal Association in cooperation with the Parliamentarian Women, Family and Childhood Committee, and Committee of Deputies Affairs and Parliamentary Development, and with the sponsorship of UN-WOMEN.

Twenty eight deputies representing various political blocs and parties from Iraqi Parliament participated in these debates; and Dr. Nahla Al-Nadawi facilitated the debate. Among the attendees were EU’s Director of Gender Programme in Baghdad, UN-WOMEN representative, Director of Good Governance Programme in UNDP and a representative of UNOPS.

The debates focused on the importance of exchanging views and coordinate positions that concern women’s participation in the works of Parliament; in drafting and enacting laws and legislations, and observing the state budget in coincident with gender mainstream.

The debates emphasized on consolidating the relationship between deputies and political blocs and parties to ensure awarding leadership positions by women in Parliament, government institutions and other state institutions.

These events are a part of a programme carried out by Iraqi Al-Amal Association aims at strengthening deputies’ capacities to integrate gender into constitution and upcoming legislations. This activity will be followed by holding two workshops to enable the deputies to use the right tools for the inclusion of gender and human rights issues in their agenda effectively.

Iraqi Al-Amal Association
January 2012