EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Baroness Catherine Ashton reply to AUIAF and Save Assyria Front

20120118112221533-pdf1.jpgDear Mr. Elias Yalda,
On behalf of the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, I
would like to thank you for your message of 21 December 2011 in which you raise some
concerns on the threats to Assyrians Christians in Iraq.
The EU and the HR/VP take all violations of human rights very seriously and have
repeatedly condemned intolerance and violence against persons because of their religion
or belief. The Foreign Affairs Council has addressed the issue of violence against
religious minorities in Iraq and stressed that the government will need to rededicate itself
to the pursuit of national reconciliation.
Likewise, at the bilateral dialogue with Iraq, the EU constantly voices human rights
concerns and the need to eliminate all forms of discrimination and intolerance as such
acts run against the values that the EU upholds. The EU supports also Iraq in its efforts to
uphold the rale of law and protect the human rights of all Iraqis.
A cornerstone of the EU’s policy towards Iraq continues to be the promotion of a
democratic, pluralist and unified Iraq, reflecting the will of all Iraqi people, in which
there is full respect for political and human rights independent of ethnic origin, political
and religious belief.
Nobody should underestimate the challenges facing the Iraqi government. Security,
development and the preservation of human rights are inextricably linked. The EU
remains committed to helping Iraq as best it can to secure progress on all three. The Iraqi
people deserve no less.
rs Sincerely,
Patriciaikrïflbart Cussac
Mr. Elias Yalda
SG of Auiaf and the save Assyria front
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