Erdogan claims he will protect Christians in the Middle East

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by Madison Dibble Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed he will work to protect religious minorities in the Middle East, despite past persecution of Christians in the region. During a press conference with President Trump, Erdogan was asked if he will protect Christians as he works with American forces to create a more peaceful region. He promised that he will help to “revive” the churches that had been destroyed in the area and ensure the safety of Christians. [Related: ‘I think we’re very close’: Freed pastor Andrew Brunson urges young American Christians to prepare for persecution] “We’ll see that their sanctuaries are getting revived and their churches will be reconstructed so that they can go back and start praying again,” he said. “These are the plans that we are making for them.” He claimed he has “no problem” with Christians living in Turkey and said he will work to “revive” those living in Syria, saying, “The ones remaining on the side of the Syrian territory will see their worshiping practices restored in a special manner. They are receiving healthcare. They’re receiving humanitarian aid in every aspect possible.” 00:01 00:48 Inside the Magazine: October 8 Watch Full Screen to Skip Ads Erdogan’s tone toward Christians during the press conference clashes with his past actions. The Turkish president has persecuted Christians, including Pastor Andrew Brunson, an American who was imprisoned for two years. The Trump administration negotiated Brunson’s release.