Ebram Louis: new National Council for Human Rights faces high expectations from Egyptians

The formation of the National Council for Human Rights now is an important step, we appreciate the correct choice for the characters to be represented on the Council, but keeps most importantly is that the Council will, in turn, be able to do his role on complete impartiality and a sense of national role in the coming period

What happened for the homeland and citizens from criminal acts in the recent period, especially after the revolution 30 June is a flagrant violation of human rights and should be taken seriously into account from the board. So it should analyzes and concludes then takes strict attitudes and decisions toward anyone who tries to violate human rights especially that the most basic human right is to live safety without any threatened in its security profile.

First: We have seen how Muslim Brotherhood were exploiting children in Rabaa an Nahda protests, that the exploitation of children is a “Shame on Egypt” and shame on the state with its human rights institutions who stayed silent and turned a blind eye towards this violation of children rights. Which is against the international conventions on the Rights of the Child and even for the supporting articles for children’s rights in the former Egyptian constitutions.

Secondly: characterization of what happened from the acts of murder and sabotage as acts of “terrorism” and therefore the reactions internally and externally must go in this direction.
Cannot overlooked infringements on Copts, their churches and stores. But must take quick steps to compensate the victims and estimate the damage and reconstruction of what destroyed by terrorism. And it is well known that such actions are defined in the international conventions as a kind of a blatant discrimination and infringement on the freedom of religious.

This is an initial step should take place as much quick as we can. However, this step is not enough and should be followed by long-term steps, there must be attention to the cultural dimension and spread the values of citizenship and the rule of law, tolerance and acceptance of others and should be reconsidered in the curriculum some of which exhorts to hatred and violence.

Thirdly: The Egyptian society oppresses women and detracts from their fundamental rights as a citizen and as a human being in the first place.

Maintaining the rights of women and promote equality between women and men and also the fight against gender-based violence plus combat crimes of forced disappearance of underage girls from exploiters and traffickers by religion in the abduction of minors.

“A citizen without rights means homeland without rights ” and this board should protect these rights, I want to remind you of all the fact finding committees which formed in the past didn’t come out with any real solution on land.

Ebram Louis
Human Rights Activist and Founder of the Association for the Victims of Abductions & Enforced Disappearances (AVAED)