Due to the lack of transparency; Successive resignations in the ranks of the High Commission of the Erbil International Marathon

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Erbil – Christian Tabet & Rekan Kamal
Due to the lack of administrative and financial transparency, a series of successive resignations continued in the ranks of Erbil International Marathon. In a special letter, two members of the administrative board of the Erbil International Marathon (which consisted of a president and four members in the administrative board) have resigned; before being expanded by the marathon president for personal motives.
“Erbil is the capital and largest city of Kurdistan Region of Iraq, located 350 kilometers (220 miles) north of Baghdad”.
The two members of the Erbil International Marathon and Erbil Marathon for Sport and Peace Organization “Ahmad Jamil”, Director of Public Relations and “Dler Ibrahim”, Director of Media, were among the most active and efficient members of the Marathon High Commission.
“We note that after our work for more than 12 years in the Erbil International Marathon as High Commission members, since its establishment, we announce our resignation from the marathon, from the Iraqi Kurdistan Council of Non-Governmental Organizations, and we no longer have any links with the Marathon and the Council” they said.
According to the statements of the two members, the main reason for their resignation is “the lack of administrative and financial transparency in the work, and the lack of fair elections to change the presidency of the organization, with the president remaining more than 15 years in the chairmanship of the Council of Non-governmental Organizations (IKNN), adding new members to the administrative body of the organization according to the president’s will without our consultation.”
It is noteworthy that a large group of organizers of the Erbil International Marathon left the marathon organization last month, during a press conference announcing the establishment of a marathon for peace in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.