Due to the botherments by police: Christian families leave a building belong to church in Mosul

Ankawa.com / Mosul

A number of families living in a building belongs to the Latine church located in Al-Saa quarter of Mosul city expressed their fears from targeting the building by explosion because it is used by local police as guarding point. Several families expressed that fears to the correspondent of Ankawa.com and they said a police force asked to take the roof of the building as guarding point because its control Al-Saa quarter and to stop some practises on these forces.
  The five Christian families living in the building, which most of them are there for more than 20 years, confirmed that they are peaceful people and they don’t want these forces to localise near to them because they exposed to botherments. One of the most obvious, as the elecricity became worse in summer season they can not use the roof of the building for sleeping during the night and that forced them to sleep in their appartments.
  These families expressed their annoyments because the police do not asked for permition but they did break the door of the building and localised on the roof.
  One of the occupiers of the building said that few families decided to leave the building as a result of these practices which entered its fifth months without any movements from the fathers priests to stop it.
  The same person, which prefered not to mention his name, added that he asked the person responsible for Latine church to explain the problem to the authority and nothing happened during two months, especially after the aggravation of the problem when the building exposed to an explosion caused by a blowing bomb setted near by on Sunday evenening, the 21st of June 2009.