Dr. Ramsay Dass hosted H.E. Archbishop Avag Asatourian

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May 13, 2016
Dr. Ramsay Dass M.D, President of the American Middle east Christians Congress (AMECC) and the AMECC board of directors hosted H.E. Archbishop Avag Asatourian, Primate of The Armenian Church in Iraq and also secretary general for the Iraqi Christian Churches Council on Monday and Tuesday May 9th and May 10th, 2016 in greater Detroit, MI, also attended many members of American Middle East Christian community political, cultural, social and educational leaders.

There was a free and frank discussion between His Excellency and the gathering regarding the Iraqi Christians, their past present and future in Iraq as Iraq and the Middle East is undergoing political, religious and social turmoil with the waves of immigration and emigration, we thanked His Excellency for his services not only to the Armenian Church but also to the rest of the Iraqi Christians, his services to the Iraqi Christian Churches Council and the interfaith community.

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