Dr. Duraid Hikmat Zoma to Ankawa.com The meeting of Nineveh governor with the deputy of US ambassador focused on the status and situation of minorities in the province

Ankawa.com – Mosul – Exclusive
Dr. Duraid Hikmat Zoma, Advisor to the Governor of Nineveh for Minority Affairs, said that the meeting which brought together the governor of Nineveh, Atheel Al-Najaify, with Peter Body, deputy of US ambassador for minority affairs, was to discuss the status and situation of the minorities in the province.
Zoma added, in a telephone call with our website, the governor of Nineveh referred in the meeting to the interest of the governorate to create continuous and good relationships between the minorities and the majority of the components of the people. He added its need not to involve the minorities in the process of power struggles.
The advisor of the governor of Nineveh said the meeting also discussed the importance of continuous communication with the minorities to strengthen the trust between the people.