Displaced Christian people from Mosul reported to the site of Ankawa.com: ISIS blackmailing and threaten us morally despite we moved away from them

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100Ankawa.com – Exclusive
A number of our displaced Christian people from the city of Mosul said that they had received phone calls from militants of the Islamic State. These calls threaten Christian people by planting explosive devises to blow up their houses if they are not sending to those militants certain amount of money.

Other displaced Christians said through their conversations to the site of Ankawa.com that the threats of blackmailing us by militants of the Islamic State summarised by their willingness to invest of our personal family pictures that we left in our homes and will publish them in social networking site (Facebook).

One person (M.W) said, I received a call about a month ago from a person claimed that his name is Abu Qutaiba which lived in my home that located in Alhadbaa neighbourhood. M.W added this man, Abu Qutaiba, found personal photos of my family and threatening me of his willingness to publish them on Facebook sites in different positions manipulated by Photoshop system if I don’t send him 1000 dollars.

Another person (N.K) said that he received a call from his neighbour who was adjacent to his home in Alnoor neighbourhood. N.K added, this man informed me that he had got my personal pictures and is willing to publish them on the internet if I don’t comply with his financial demands.

B.T said that many Christian families from the city of Mosul who left their homes don’t care about the furniture or any other thing except the reach of ISIS militants, who invades their homes, to the albums of personal pictures and threaten these families morally by manipulated and publishing them.

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