Devastating Last Thoughts on Iraq

 Author and artist Paul Batou shares his raw thoughts, feelings and memories of Iraq. It is a search for love, life, freedom and peace.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) October 6, 2007 — Mesopotamia was once known as the greatest civilization on earth. But invasions, wars and sanctions have lead to the destruction remarkable civilization. Author Paul Batou shares his thoughts and feelings about the ruin of Mesopotamia in My Last Thoughts on Iraq.

This book is a collection of the author’s memories and experiences as an Assyrian-Chaldean artist. He shares his reactions to the suffering and sadness, which has plagued Mesopotamia through poetry that clearly expresses the pain, humiliation and destruction of a once great civilization. My Last Thoughts on Iraq reveals the state of fear in Iraq, the wars, invasions and sanctions that led to the decay of modern Baghdad and the suffering of its citizens around the world.

My Last Thoughts on Iraq is a timely book that will give readers a glimpse inside Iraq during its most troubled times. Iraq at present is still at turmoil and Batou gives us insights on this place, its people and its gradual destruction. This truly interesting read will tell us the real score instead of the media’s often-colored view of the news. Buy a copy of this intriguing read now online at or your local book retailer.

About the Author
Paul Batou, a native Iraqi artist, received a degree in pharmacy in 1982 from the University of Baghdad. While in school, Paul worked and was inspired by many teachers and artists studying at the University. In 1980, he had his first art show in Baghdad. During his years spent in Baghdad, Paul placed his art in several galleries, learned to play the guitar, and was forced into service during the Iraq-Iran war as a medic. In 1989, he fled Iraq with his family and moved to Los Angeles. In the United States, Paul continues to create art and write poems that inspire all those close to him. As a father, an uncle, an artist and a pharmacist, Paul has achieved the admiration and respect of all those around him.

My Last Thoughts about Iraq * by Paul Batou
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