Details of the targeting of Christian family in the area of Al-Darkazlia in Mosul


Ankawa com received the extensive details about the targeting, which happened to a Christian family living in Al-Darkazlia in the left side of the city of Mosul. The attack took place at 3:30 on Thursday afternoon, the 6th of August 2009. Unknown men placed a device of sticker bomb on the house door belong to a Christian family consisting of Yasser Yousif (42 years) and his mother who’s in her seventies and suffering from cancer. The explosion of the device causes serious injuries in the head and hands of Yasser and to his mother hands and feet, as well as the damage in their own house. Forces of the Iraqi army surrounded the area and evacuated the injured Yasser and his mother to hospital for treatment. Yasser still in the hospital while his mother return after receiving the treatment with a host family who lives next to the bereaved family. This attack represents the fourth one of its kind in the series of targeting the Christian people in Mosul. In a matter of weeks, where the Church of the Virgin Fatima exposed to an explosion by a car bomb and the assassination of the young man, Ala Bashir, and the abduction of one of the sons of our people, which is still being held despite the passage of two weeks since the incidence of kidnapping.