Details of the gang that had kidnapped the young man Sarmad Salah Botrus Hundreds of people gathered outside the house of the kidnapped Sarmad and dancing with joy –Ankawa – Exclusive
The security forces (Asaesh) in Erbil, in collaboration with the security forces (Asaesh) in Kirkuk, were able to arrest members of the gang those have kidnapped the young man Sarmad Salah Botrus who was kidnapped last Monday. The operation took place at dawn on Thursday, the 16th of December 2011. Sarmad arrived to his house in Ankawa this Thursday morning, while hundreds people of the town gathered outside the house with joy.
The Director of the security forces in Erbil, Dr. Tarek Nuri, said in a press conference, held on this subject today in Erbil, the members of the gang who kidnapped Botrus were linked to other gang in Kirkuk. He added the joint collaboration of both security forces in Erbil and Kirkuk led to the arrest of these gangs.
Nuri added the security forces were able to capture the person who supervised the kidnapping operation. This person is a resident of the city of Kirkuk, was arrested and used to guide the security forces in Erbil to the place where the gang hide the kidnapped young man.
Nuri said in this press conference that they were able to arrest all the 3 members of the gang in Erbil; they are Arab living in the city. He announced at the conference the names of the four detainees, they are: Hussein Ahmad Darwish who was the planer for the operation and the supervisor of the group; he live in Kirkuk, Omar Khaldoon Ali, Omar Abbood Jasim and Wisam Ali Tahir.
Beat him and tied him
The young kidnapped Botrus participated in the conference and said that the kidnappers had asked him last Monday, at 3 pm, to take measurements for the windows of their house in Erbil. He added, as soon as he arrive their house, they beat him and tied his hands.
Botrus said, the kidnappers told him that they would kill him, but he asked them to contact his family if they want to get money for his release.
Botrus added that he requested his captors to contact his family to assure them about his safety, but they refused. Later, the gang told him they had contact his family, but the family did not show cooperation with them.
Hundreds of Ankawa people gathered this morning outside Botrus house and they were dancing with joy on the sound of the drum and flute after hearing the news of freeing their kidnapped son. At the same time slaughters animals and sweets distributed to the people.