Details of the assault on Father Faris Yako in Telleskuf – Telleskuf – Exclusive
Follow-up the details of the assault on Father Faris Yako in the town of Telleskuf by a member of the Peshmerga, the correspondent of met with Father Yako about the incident. Father Yako said, at exactly 7.30 pm of yesterday, Thursday the 15th of April 2010, while I was going on the way to my house and near the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party I saw one of the headquarters guards threw a plastic cup of water in the building of the club next door. He said, I asked him why throw it in the club that have been cleaned during these days in order to reopen again. He added, the answer came from another guard, who is a Peshmerga tanker driver, which was so violent with obscene words and suddenly slapped me but the other guards came and separated us.
  Father Yako said, one of the headquarters officers brought me inside to calm thing down apologizing from me and expressed his regret at what happened and told me “it was better for this guard to hit me (the officer) than doing this to you”. Father Yako also mentioned that two hours after leaving the headquarters heading to his house, the commander of the Peshmerga and others visited him and apologizing to him in his home.
  Father Yako said, the person who assaulted him was definitely know as the assault on the priest, given the priestly dress was worn by Father Yako at time of the attack, Alaliriji dress, shirt, trousers and a white collar. He added, the abuser is referred to the special court, according to the statement made by the military commanders. He also said, the committee which formed in the church has taken some decisions that are under study and will be forming a delegation to visit the officials.
  Father Yako referred to the reaction of the street in the town of Telleskuf and what the assault incident produced of upheaval of the people of the area. He said this is because of an attack on one of the religious symbols and being out of ordinary thing, but the matter was controlled and the people calm down after the talks made by the officials.
  Father Yako praised the act of the Kurdistan Democratic Party officials because it was positive and made to apologize to him personally and to the townspeople as well.