Despite threat, Mosul believers fight for rights

Charlie Butts – Christians in Iraq want their own province and although there has been a mass exit of Christians from Iraq because of persecution, some are standing their ground.

That situation is especially true in Mosul, which is actually the biblical town of Nineveh.

“The Christians in the area of Nineveh are working to get their own province — and of course, this is an area that has been dominated mostly by Muslims,” says Craig McDonald of Christian Freedom International. “And given the recent attacks that have happened to Christians in Iraq, they’re actually standing up now trying to get some of their own land back.”

Some argue, however, that even though the Iraqi constitution allows for a Christian state, putting Christians in one state would simply make them a bigger target for terrorists.

“Any time Christians in this part of the world stand up for their own freedoms, it is like putting a target on their own back,” states the ministry spokesman. “But the Christians especially in Iraq right now are basically saying this is a time we need to get our rights back.”

Christians, he explains, are willing to fight for it, but Muslims in that region tend to follow sharia law rather than their own constitution.