Despite the announcement to stop the project of four towers, Ashurban Company continue the presentation of its trade propaganda in Ankawa

 February 20, 2012 – Ankawa – Exclusive
Ashurban Company continues its propaganda for the four towers project. The company has recently fixed photos of the project with the first day of the suspension announcement.
According to the source of, the models display advertising increased in spite of the announcement of the suspension of the project.
The models of advertising are installed supported with a lamp (fluorescent) specific for each model for illumination at night. The majority of these models mounted on the two side’s street in Ankawa. This street is important and strategic in the area. Some of these ads were placed opposite to the Ankawa museum, the old neighborhood and Ankawa center that represent one of the main and crowded branches in Ankawa.
It’s worth mentioning that the controversial project of four towers has been stopped last Thursday, 16th of February 2012 according to the orders issued by the Office of the President of Kurdistan Region and the Governor of Erbil. These orders issued in response to the wide popular demands that reject the project. The rejection was expressed by the people of the town in more than one occasion. In addition, the people of Ankawa raised a memorandum signed by thousand of them calling to stop the project and respect the privacy of the town.
At the same time, the site of contacted the director of the town of Ankawa, Jalal Habib, who said that the Directorate of the town has instructed Ashurban Company to stop the project, and adding that he contacted the company about its advertising propaganda. Habib added, Ashurban explain the reason why it’s not possible to remove the advertisement signs. The advertisements are due to a contract between Ashurban and “Horses Propaganda” Company. According to this contract, Horses Company installed the advertisement models for the four towers project.
However, with the decision to stop the implementation of the project last Thursday, all the equipments of the company stopped their operations which were working in accord with a wages and contracts with the company behind the project, similar to the contracts signed with the “Horses Propaganda” Company.
In replying to the question of site about the continuation of the propaganda for the project that is contrary to the decision of suspension the implementation, Habib said, the issue has not been finished yet as it is referred to an investigation committee and we are waiting for the results.
In a second question raised by site on whether the Directorate of the town will force the company to remove the propaganda according to the decision of suspension, Habib said that the Directorate will not be able to put pressure on Ashurban and force the company to do that because of its contract with “Horses Propaganda” Company.