Demonstration and sit-in by Baghdeeda Students to put pressure on the Iraqi government to respond to their demands and protect them from terrorism – Baghdeeda – Exclusive
In a peaceful and angry demonstration, hundreds of Baghdeeda students (males and females) expressed their denunciation of the heinous crime against them and their colleagues who still lying in hospital suffering from injuries caused by terrorist attack. At the end of the demonstration, the students decided to sit-in until the Iraqi government respond to their demands, to secure their lives and continuing their study.
  The demonstration began on Monday, 10th of May 2010, near the church of Mar Gorges monastery and ended at the mayor building of Al-Hamdania. Iraqi flags and pictures of the martyr Radeaf Hashim Al-Mahrook were raised during the demonstration. The demonstrators were also raised slogans expressed their condemnation of terrorism and appealing to the conscience of the world, represented by the different bodies and organization to intervene and end the targeting of our people, especially the students. Also, they held a banner embodied the pure blood that flowed from their bodies to cover their books and papers.
 Together with the students, father Lewis Kassab, chairman of the Christian affairs, father Andrews Habbash, the head of Kara Kosh parish, and number of representatives of organization and entities and families of the students were participated in the demonstration.
  The demonstrators received at the door of the mayor building by the mayor of Baghdeeda, Nissan Karromy Rassoky, and number of the town council. Rami Hanna read the students demands and handed over later to the mayor, to be delivered in turn to the government officials. After that, the wounded student Jameel Salahalddin Jameel read a poem of popular poetry embodied the suffering of the students during their targeting. The students then sit-in in the gardens of the building and sat in the tents, that they provided, till they get their demands to protect their safety.
  The demands of the protesting students were focused on asking international bodies to intervene, investigate their targeting and to detect the criminals and those who supporting them, the performance of their final examination in Baghdeeda, establishing of a university in Baghdeeda, in the light of the available scientific potentials and to compensate the injured financially for the losses in their 5 buses, of which 3 were destroyed.