Davutoglu meets with Syriac community representatives

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Monday met with Syriac community representatives in Turkey.

During the meeting, Davutoglu said that he was there to discuss with the Syriac community representatives the possible contributions that could be made for the communities in the Middle East, primarily the ones in Syria.

In an open call to non-Muslim communities in conflict-hit Syria, Davutoglu said that Turkey opened its arms to all without religious or ethnic discrimination. Stating that Turkey is located on an amazing geography where a great many religious traditions and an accumulation of civilization are blended together, Davutoglu said that the Turkish state adopted the principle of maintaining these ancient traditions and meeting the needs and exerted efforts to the necessary on the issue.

Furthermore, Davutoglu reiterated that he always met with Syriac community representatives during his visits to Mardin, Midyat and Adiyaman, as well as abroad, and Syriac Orthodox Church Metropolitan Filiksinos Yusuf Cetin has accompanied President Abdullah Gul during his recent visit to Sweden.

For his part, Cetin said following his meeting with Davutoglu that they were living together with their “Muslim brothers” and that his community had done its best for the development of Turkey. “We wish the war in Syria and in the Middle East will end as soon as possible and ensure people live in security of life, religion and property,” Cetin added.