Daniel calls Mursi trial Lotfy Mansour, Minister of Transport … Presidential and sends a file corruption

Engineer Adel Fakhry called Daniel former Coptic candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic to trial Lotfy Mansour, former minister of transport, because of large-scale corruption, which struck its transport sector and in particular the railway during Tolath as Minister of Transport.

Daniel said he must now President-elect Mohamed Morsi to submit businessman Lotfy Mansour to a speedy trial because of causing disasters occurring now in the railway after the negative role played by the Minister for the demolition of the transport system.

Daniel presented a collection of documents about the former minister to the presidency through the media, calling Mansour brought to trial.

We publish the text of the dossier submitted to the Presidency of the Republic of Engineer Adel Fakhry Daniel on former transport minister.

Mohamed Lotfi Mansour Board of Directors Mansour Chevrolet after the death of his father in 1976, and family owns about 15% of GM Egypt and fortune is estimated by Fortune magazine estimated 700 million while exceeding family fortune 3 billion .. was Mansoor’s assumption of the presidency American Chamber of Commerce another door to enter the world of Egyptian businessmen whales around the world, which allowed him the opportunity to get more American Agencies .

And managed by former minister contract deals between the Ministry of Transport and General Motors Corp., which owns most of its shares to buy tractors unfit for work, Incidents trains killed hundreds revealed for the sins of this man who spent 2 one billion pounds of people’s money on tractors corrupt kill people in order to swell his fortune .. The surprise was the disappearance of papers deal after leaving the ministry, while not achieve a this scandal, and began the blood of Egyptians Troy roads without moving any of the officials to hold this man accountable .

Mansour wasted public money when he took the Ministry of Transport where spent nearly 100 billion pounds in many sectors which is the amount which infect spending on the transport sector since 1982 to year 2006 any that Mohammad Mansour spent within a few years the budget of the Ministry of Transport in 24 years and although it has squeezed the largest number of train accidents that claimed the lives of thousands of citizens, as well as wasting 20 million pounds in the campaign ” Egyptian who is right says the wrong because ” which he accused the citizens responsible for the sabotage of trains, which is the former president stopping them immediately , addition to 600 million pounds in transport them 90 million in rail and about 12 million in buying clothes for workers across the direct order other than a check 250 thousand pounds per month company trains sleep unlawfully and a half billion in the port of Alexandria unlawfully as that Mansour issued a decision to buy
Despite all these irregularities, but the Minister Mansour did brought to trial and when he felt that public opinion pressing toward the idea of accountable submitted his resignation so as not to approaching Menhahd to extinguish lights that highlighted by ..
Although some workers Railways Authority gave a tip to the Attorney General accusing Mohamed Lotfi Mansour, former transport minister and businessman Sharif mountain brother and former Minister of Health Hatem evasion of payment of the debts estimated at 1 . 3 billion pounds for the railway but nothing has toward men .
Author made by these confirmed that the company » Accor Egyptian hotel management « which owned minister of transport and housing former city » railway « amount 55 million pounds when she ran revenues trains sleep till 1999 and when the dissolution of contracted and replaced » Ibelab « The company did not pay this debt, but that the minister sought to bring down those debts after taking over direct and failure .

Not only did Mansour including done in the Ministry of Transport, but used his office for personal gain also where he established a transport company in partnership with his cousin and Housing Minister Ahmed El-Maghrabi under the name of a company ” Suez Canal Container ” is the only company operating in East Port Said Port violation of the constitution which prevent the minister from entering into private business during his tenure and the company received a license to build on it a foreign company even can the minister hiding behind and took advantage of the worn out equipment container companies Egyptian national container and managed Mansour and Moroccan hide any data showing the size of contribution
And owned Mansour and Moroccan company ” Palm Hills ” captured Ali 4500 acres of land desert road at kilometer 50 to participate in the construction of European countryside as the former minister had made a decision to transfer through Egypt-Alexandria Desert to the freeway without intersections at a cost of up to nearly a billion and a half pounds until land prices rise obtained by his company to sell them billions pound .
No only that, but also that the Moroccan the sale plot of estimated value of five billion pounds of Mansour Group and Moroccan cheaply where the minister signed a contract for the sale parcelle 7 area sprawl east New Cairo area 230 acres and draw 966 thousand square meters under disability and increase total value 241 million and 500 thousand pounds by 250 pounds meter .
He also Mansour pay 50% of the total value of up to 30 million pounds while be paid the remaining amount which is supposed plug on 3 premiums other which means that Mansour earned a
Not only partnership Mansour with Moroccan to this point but completed their journey Fassadahma via a new scandal is a minister and his cousin Ahmed Al-Maghrabi seizing land Island Amun and adult priced 80 million pounds not repaid which only four million only accounted for hotel primarily in spite that the price of this land real exceed two billion pounds, while the former President Hosni Mubarak was forced to intervene and prevent a sale after that wafted smells and stretched to the administrative court, which ruled to cancel the contract .
Despite this continued Mansour way to amplify his fortune at the expense of the national interest, where the minister and his cousin extended lease land liberation to 50 years new which caused loss 4 billion and 700 million pounds on State Treasury .