Courage of Batnaya people and neighboring areas and the governmental fire trucks put out the fires of the Batnaya fields

85yy081452010.jpgAfter the great efforts made by the people of Batnaya and the surrounding areas with the assistance of the governmental fire trucks, the fires were extinguished. The fires started at noon on Thursday, 27th May, in the fields of wheat and barley at distance of 1 kilometer north of Batnaya.
  The source of in the region said that people of Batnaya carried the water to extinguishing the fires by using their own trucks (pelvic vehicles). The people from Telleskuf, Bakova and Talkeaf were rushed to help in extinguishing the fires that broke out strongly. After that the governmental fire trucks arrived and the fires were controlled and the blaze was put out completely.
  The source referred to the courage of the driver Ablahad Hormuz in which his high skill participated actively in extinguishing the fires.


An eyewitness, who was in the area before the outbreak of the fires, reported to the site of that a car passed close to the fields and threw a cigarette and shortly after the fire broke out.
  The farmer Emad Essa asked, why this act which deprives us from getting the results of our efforts.
  The fires have occurred in the fields confined on the road to Batnaya – Telleskuf and Mar Oraha Covent, where the flames licked the fields of wheat and barley. The wind also helped to spread the fires very quickly.
  The source said that the people of the area got together manfully to extinguish the fires, and added, the presence of tracts of lands that have been harvested earlier assisted and helped to reduce the spread of the fires.