Council to ponder revised plaque for genocide memorial

f60313b638eb4a4f5dd430ccbc4161ba_resized1.jpgFAIRFIELD Council will next week decide whether to approve a plaque at the Assyrian Genocide Monument in Bonnyrigg Park.

When the monument was opened in August 2010 the original plaque was removed because of its wording. When the council approved the monument in 2009 the Assyrian Universal Alliance was told not to make any mention of the Turkish Ottoman government on the statue.

A new plaque to take its place came up for discussion at the March 13 meeting of the council’s services committee.

A report at the meeting said the alliance had ensured the new plaque was approved by relevant dignitaries and used correct terms and designations.

The committee carried the council’s recommendation to approve the new plaque and execute an amended deed of agreement to be signed by the alliance and the council.

It will be heard at a full council meeting on Tuesday.

“I’m not sure whether they will pass it or not,” councillor Zaya Toma said.

“Obviously it’s a very sensitive issue.”